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22 June 2022

CA4BM Study

CA4BM Study

A consortium of European and global trade bodies have published a peer-reviewed study titled 'Carbon Accounting for Building Materials – An assessment of Global Warming Potential of biobased construction products', undertaken by LBP SIGHT.

Achieving a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 is one of the key objectives of the European Green Deal. The study provides an assessment of the scientific base behind the conditions of carbon neutrality of bio-based construction products, their substitution effects, and a critical assessment of the benefits of temporary carbon storage.

In conclusion, the research provides several recommendations for framing a policy rooted in scientific methodology:

  • Applying a full life cycle analysis based on correct methods and scientific data is paramount.
  • To achieve zero by 2050, the policy framework should support alternative methods like the decarbonisation of mineral materials and should focus on forest conservation and restoration.

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