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31 August 2015

Thermal mass: The smart approach to energy performance

Thermal mass: The smart approach to energy performance

Did you know that concrete can store energy and that, later on, this energy is then released? This effect, which is due to the high ‘thermal mass’ of concrete, makes buildings more energy efficient, lowers CO2 emissions, and improves wellbeing and comfort.

Thermal mass is a property unique to heavyweight materials such as concrete, which allows for lower heating and cooling costs in buildings.  Not only does it mean that buildings use less energy, but it also reduces peak power demand, as well as CO2 emissions when the building is being used.  In addition, the health and comfort of occupants is improved and the risk of overheating in summer is reduced. As thermal mass is a material-inherent property, it comes “for free” - at no extra cost! - with any concrete structure. However, its effect can be even further enhanced.

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