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21 February 2024

EUPAVE joins Concrete Europe as an Associate Member

EUPAVE joins Concrete Europe as an Associate Member

Brussels, 21 February 2024 – Concrete Europe is pleased to announce the inclusion of EUPAVE, headquartered in Brussels and representing the European concrete paving industry, as an Associate Member. This partnership highlights our joint commitment to achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal in the construction sector.

Luc Rens, EUPAVE Managing Director, says: “Joining Concrete Europe is an important step forward for EUPAVE, enabling closer cooperation and synergy with our concrete industry colleagues, especially in the field of sustainable and resilient transport infrastructure.”

Marco Borroni, President of Concrete Europe, welcomes EUPAVE, stating: "We are glad to have our EUPAVE colleagues join us. Their addition strengthens our organisation and helps us convey a clear message to EU policymakers and stakeholders as we focus on concrete's contributions to various sectors, including road safety and sustainable construction.”

Membership is open to all EU associations engaged in the concrete value chain.

Notes to editors

About Concrete Europe

Concrete Europe is an umbrella organisation formed in 2023, gathering six European associations representing the concrete sector and its value chain. These include BIBM (the Federation of the European Precast Concrete industry), CEMBUREAU (the European Cement Association), EFCA (the European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations), and ERMCO (the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization), along with two associate members: Aggregates Europe – UEPG and EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association).

Concrete Europe aims to convey to the EU stakeholders and construction value chain stakeholders the concrete sector’s contribution in achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal.


EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association) is a not-for-profit association that promotes all aspects of cement and concrete products for transport infrastructure and related areas, particularly highlighting the specific contributions of cement and concrete to road safety, fuel consumption, congestion reduction, and sustainable construction, among others.

Its mission is to advocate for and facilitate the wider use of cement and concrete applications in European transport infrastructure by engaging with EU, national, and local decision-makers, disseminating technical know-how and communicating benefits, and promoting innovation and best practices in the sector.

Media enquiries should be directed to:

  • Jean-Baptiste Gomes, Senior Public Affairs Manager, CEMBUREAU This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Magdalena Herbik, Public Affairs & Communications Manager, BIBM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.