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23 October 2014

Can concrete push wind turbines over 100 meters tall?

Can concrete push wind turbines over 100 meters tall?

A researcher at Iowa State University says he may have found a way to make wind generation more powerful and consistent. Sri Sritharan is exploring constructing taller wind turbine towers from high-strength concrete, rather than steel, according to Midwest Energy News.

Supported by a $1 million grant from the Department of Energy, the designs could make wind production more efficient. The new construction materials are precast and easily-transportable components to build hexagon-shaped towers from concrete panels connected to concrete columns.  The concrete towers can reach beyond 80 meters, and the goal is to provide energy companies with access to the faster and steadier winds at 100 meters and higher. Conventional steel turbines cannot currently be built that tall because they cannot be transported by truck.

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