Parliament calls for more ambition on energy performance of buildings

On 23 June, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in relation to the Energy Efficiency Directive, in which it calls on the EU Member States to be more active and ambitious in the implementation of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Directive. 

With regards to the Energy Efficiency Directive , the European Parliament has highlighted the following:
  • Member States should do more to make the most of the funding available to improve the energy efficiency of their building stock
  • The European Commission should introduce a target for the renovation of the residential building stock, with the aim of priositising the most energy-poor
  • Better use should be made of EU structural funds and the European Fund for Strategic investments (EFSI).  Such funds, in combination with private investment, should be targeted, in particular, towards consumers who are more sensitive to energy costs, such as households at risk of energy poverty and energy inetnsive industries at risk of carbon leakage
  • Member States should be encouraged to invest more in the construction sector, targeting, in particular, poorly insulated buildings.
More information: Resolution

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