Sharing knowledge to become more energy efficient

With the aim of reducing the fragmentation of data and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) has recently launched the European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P).  The platform plans to use a collaborative approach to tackle the issue of energy efficiency in six areas.

The areas covered are as follows:
  1. Buildings
  2. Urban Areas
  3. Products
  4. Industry
  5. Transport and Mobility
  6. Energy Generation and Distribution

To do this, it has developed and implemented a series of tools. These include the Data Hub, which aims to become a one-stop-shop for the collection of data, and the wikEE, which will allow for collaboration amongst experts. Those involved in the platform will also be able to establish their own community to discuss a specific issue.  Furthermore, if stakeholders identify the need for specific data, content or expertise, they will be able to use the E3P to publish a call.  

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