Climate change: Study evaluates how buildings impact on health

On 21 January 2016, the DG Environment publication "Science for Environment Policy" provided an overview of the conclusions of the following study: “Impact of climate change on the domestic indoor environment and associated health risks in the UK”.

According to the article, the study concludes that, not only will climate change have an impact on the external environment, it will also affect conditions within buildings themselves.  Such changes, which include overheating, indoor air pollution and temperature extremes, will have an impact on people’s health, according to the authors.  With this in mind, the article makes the case for implementing changes to building design in order to mitigate these impacts, noting that “New buildings should be designed to address the health challenges of climate change while also reducing fossil fuel use. Existing buildings should be adapted using measures such as external shading devices and shutters, which can maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and minimise the need for air conditioning (which also has an environmental cost).”

More information: Article - Study

Tags: climate change,, health, overheating, indoor comfort

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