Energy efficiency: Encouraging investment in building renovation

In order to increase the amount of buildings which are renovated in a way which makes them more energy efficient, financing and investment needs to be made available. With this in mind, the    “Investor Confidence Project Europe” (partially funded by Horizon 2020) aims to identify ways in which financing for the building renovation market can be unlocked.

To achieve this, the project is focusing on standardizing the way in which energy efficiency projects are developed and measured.  It is therefore gathering together best practices and existing technical standards into a set of 6 protocols in order to define a clear roadmap for developing projects, determining savings estimates, and documenting and verifying results.  The six protocols are as follows:

Of course, whilst renovation offers one solution to making Europe’s building stock more energy efficient, it is not the only one.   Rebuilding can, in many instances, offer a better solution in terms of not only energy efficiency, but also the financial viability of a project and providing a building stock which meets the evolving needs of society.

Background information: The Concrete Initiative Thematic Lunch

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