UN Habitat publishes Guiding Principles for Climate City Planning Action

On 4 December 2015, the United Nations Habitat programme launched a publication entitled “Guiding Principles for Climate City Planning Action”.  This document reviews typical steps in the city-level climate action planning process in light of a proposed set of globally applicable principles. In accordance with these principles, the reports states that city climate action should be ambitious, inclusive, fair, comprehensive & integrated, relevant, actionable, evidence-based, transparent & verifiable.

The document has been developed through a robust and open multi-stakeholder process, support local officials, planners and stakeholders in climate action planning. The goal is to help cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt low emission development trajectories, as well as adapt to the impacts of climate change and build local climate resilience. Furthermore, the authors note that as knowledge on this issue develops and practices mature, the guiding prinsiples will ne updated to reflect new findings. 

More information: Report

Tags: climate change,, city , planning

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