09 December 2015

Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction launched

Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction launched

On 3 December 2015, the Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction was launched under the leadership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  It gathers together countries, cities and public and private organizations from the building sector value chain, in order to scale up the implementation of ambitious actions towards the "below 2°C" pathway in buildings and construction sector.

The Alliance invites all major stakeholders, including governments, companies, financial institutions, organisations, academia, associations, professionals and user networks to:

  1. Demonstrate and reinforce impact of stakeholder’s mobilization to achieve a below 2 °C pathway  via a global forum on buildings and climate and engagementsto develop common and appropriate goals
  2. Collaborate within the Alliance’s first priorities to collectively address major challenges in three clusters: Public Strategies and Policies, Value Chain Transformation and finance
  3. Lead or contribute to addressing key opportunities through ambitious flagship initiatives such as The Global District Energy in Cities Initiative, Net Zero Buildings, Green Schools, Affordable & Sustainable Housing, Tropical Architecture Solutions, Iconic buildings, City Climate Actions, Retrofits, and Low-Emission Technology which further the Alliance’s goals
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