Guide highlights best indicator tools for sustainabile cities

On 19 November 2015, the European Commission (DG Environment) publication "Science for Environment Policy" published an in-depth report entitled “Indicators for Sustainable Cities”, which provides a concise guide to the best indicator tools currently available.

A wide variety of such indicators have already been advanced and tested  in real cities by various organisations and research groups. These tools are available for implementation by others, and usually include aspects of sustainable development beyond environmental dimensions only, such as public health and services, governance, income, business opportunities, and transport. Nevertheless, it can prove challenging to identify which tool is best suited to the needs and goals of a particular city and is easy to implement in a cost and time effective manner.  As a result, this report aims to provide government actors and stakeholders with an overview of the best indicators currently available, but witha particular focus on the environmental pillar. 

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Tags: cities, indicators

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