European Commission launches process to develop protocol for Construction & Demolition Waste management

On 26 June 2015, the European Commission launched the process to develop a protocol for C&DW management with Member States and industry. The Protocol should “develop a common set of technical, environmental and managerial principles, which are applicable in the entire EU and based on the highest common standards in each stage of the waste management chain that would be recognised in all Member States.”

The European concrete industry welcomes the initiative by the Commission to write this Protocol. “Management” is the key word here, since it is primarily the processes collecting, sorting, treating and assuring the quality of recycled material that are lacking (rather than the technical basis). Better processes for demolition, collection and sorting of C&DW will help with providing a consistent supply of good quality recycled aggregates. The European Concrete Platform and The Concrete Initiative have been active in the area of C&DW and concrete recycling and will contribute actively in the process to develop this protocol.

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