The Concrete Initiative - safety

"Safer Buildings": a cause our industry should embrace?

The concrete sector, which is at the heart of construction, must address citizens concerns regarding the safety of their homes and other buildings. Together with architects, firefighters associations, and insurance entities we have a responsibility to address the growing issue of safety and to identify solutions to tackle the concern’s of European citizens.

Fire safety with concrete

In terms of safety, one area of concern for citizens is how well protected they are in the event of a fire breaking out.  In this document, The Concrete Initiative outlines its views on what needs to be done to ensure a high level of protection for people in buildings, tunnels and other infrastructure.

UNECE calls for access to decent, affordable and healthy housing

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has recently endorsed the Charter on Sustainable Housing which seeks to ensure the access to decent, affordable and healthy housing in the UNECE region.
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