Turku Bridge

Country: Finland
Type: Bridge

The newly developed CEM II/B-M (S-LL) 42,5 N cement was used for the construction of a road bridge in Käärmekallio near Turku airport, commissioned by the city of Turku.

The casting of the bridge deck was done in warm weather with an outdoor temperature of up to around 30°C. A CEM II/B cement was chosen in order to limit the maximum temperature and temperature differences in this relatively massive construction.

Around 2 000 m³ of concrete was used. As freezing temperatures and temperature cycles of around 0°C are common in the Turku area and the roads are salted during winter time, special attention was given to the concrete's resistance to freeze-thaw with de-icing salt.

The P-factor (which is the index used to evaluate the frost resistance of the concrete) was calculated according to Finnish Transport Agency's guide for concrete bridges taking into account the water binder ratio, air content and the binder composition of the concrete. The concrete mixes were pre- tested for freeze-thaw with de-icing salt resistance.

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Tags: durability

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