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Villa Tussefaret

The building is a small and compact detached house over two levels, with a separate rental unit. Each façade element is designed as an individual and sculptural piece of a larger whole.

The building was assembled from big concrete elements, sized up to the maximum of what can be transported and assembled on site. The asymmetric manner of assembly, the use of big and limited number of elements express simplicity.

To emphasize the character of the windows and doors, they were made of raw aluminium. The association of concrete and raw aluminium is ideal as both materials have a beautiful patina over time.

Villa Tussefaret is a unique and innovative project that challenged the conventional vision of a detached house through its façade expression, its flexible floor plan and innovative interior design solutions.

The concrete elements of the building play a major architectural appearance.  The elements are visible both inside and outside which makes it possible to see the house's simple design.

The project shows the innovative use of concrete in the design, surfaces, joints and formats, the exterior stair armrest is a great illustration of this.

The warm, precise and playful interior of oak creates a nice contrast to the raw concrete.

The project is the result of a courageous process and a particularly good collaboration between the architect, builder and element supplier.

03 November 2016

Key Facts

  • Country: Norway
  • Area: 80 m2
  • Client: Kamran Shalchian - Tabrizi
  • Architect: Lie Øyen architects AS
  • Project: Lie Øyen architects AS
  • Contractor: : Opplandske betongindustri AS
  • Installation Contractor: T. O. Bull Montasje AS
  • Precast concrete manufacturer: Opplandske betongindustri AS