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The partners

CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association is based in Brussels and is the representative organization of the cement industry in Europe. Currently, its Full Members are 23 national cement industry associations and cement companies of the European Union (with the exception of Malta) plus Norway, Switzerland, and the UK. Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia are Associate Members of CEMBUREAU. Cooperation agreements have been concluded with Vassiliko Cement in Cyprus and UKRCEMENT in Ukraine.

BIBM is the Federation of the European Precast Concrete industry (Bureau International du Béton Manufacturé). BIBM contribute to the development of the Precast Concrete Industry by acting at European and international levels. It provides the major platform of the sector in Europe, coordinating common development (technical and strategic) and promoting SME friendly legislation and stable standards. Furthermore, BIBM endorses the importance of sustainability and its three pillars and maintains a network of professionals, experts and industrialists to share their experience and piece of information for the progress of the industry. Founded in 1954, it represents 15 national associations of precast concrete. The sector employs 165,000 people in 7,000 production plants across Europe (5,000 companies). Each plant employs on average 23 employees.

EFCA is a partnership of 12 National Admixture Associations, formed in 1984 in order to represent the interests of the industry at a time when there was increasing European legislation and standardisation in the field of construction products. It is the voice of the European admixture producers – EFCA’s total membership provides in excess of 80% of admixture sales within Europe and represents all the major admixture manufacturers. Locally, EFCA partners represent more than 80 producers in total. The total sales of admixtures by EFCA members in 2014 were in excess of 1 million tonnes.

ERMCO, the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization, is the federation of national associations for the ready-mixed concrete industry in Europe. ERMCO seeks to assist the development and adoption of concrete solutions based on the European Codes and Standards for the design and execution of concrete structures. ERMCO represents the ready-mixed concrete industry on CEN and other relevant European Committees, particularly in the fields of standardization, certification and the environment. ERMCO currently comprises 27 members of which 21 full members and 6 associate members from outside Europe. It is estimated that ERMCO full members have a turnover, including delivery, of € 14 billion and almost 8.000 plants spread all over Europe. Companies represented through ERMCO employ some 69.000 individuals.

Aggregates Europe – UEPG repre­sents the by far largest non-ener­gy extractive industry with 26,000 extraction sites across Europe operated by 15,000 companies (mostly SMEs) and delivering about 3 billion tons a year of na­tural, recycled, and manufactured aggregates. After water, aggregates which are produced from igneous, metamor­phic, and sedimentary rocks, are the most used material on planet Earth. Aggregates – sand, gravel, and crushed rock – are also the main product used in the construc­tion and infrastructure sectors.

EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association) is a not-for-profit association that promotes all aspects of cement and concrete products for transport infrastructure and related areas, particularly highlighting the specific contributions of cement and concrete to road safety, fuel consumption, congestion reduction, and sustainable construction, among others.
Its mission is to advocate for and facilitate the wider use of cement and concrete applications in European transport infrastructure by engaging with EU, national, and local decision-makers, disseminating technical know-how and communicating benefits, and promoting innovation and best practices in the sector.