29 September 2016

Guidance highlights good practices for resilient cities

Guidance highlights good practices for resilient cities

Earlier this month, the Mayor's Adapt initiative published a brochure outlining good practices in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for European cities.

This publication provides real life examples from cities across Europe. These case studies have been grouped into five categories as follows:

  1. Improving the energy performance and resilience of buildings;
  2. Managing water flows;
  3. Facilitating sustainable mobility;
  4. Renaturing urban spaces;
  5. Managing urban growth.

The document aims to demonstrate how combining adaptation and mitigation measures can help cities make better planning decisions and solve key challenges. It includes examples from Germany where the large scale retro-fitting of public and private buildings has improved their resilience and enrgy performance, as well as flood prevention actions in Italy, creative energy efficiency financing solutions in Sweden, and facilitating sustainable mobility in Cyprus.

Mayor's Adapt is the Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change.  It is an initiative by the European Commission's Directorate General for Climate Change and has been launched within the context of the EU adaptation Strategy. 

More information: Mayor's Adapt - Brochure


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