19 August 2016

Adapting Europe's urban environment to climate change

Adapting Europe's urban environment to climate change

The European Environmental Agency (EEA) has recently published a report in which it analyses potential action which can be taken in order to adapt European cities to climate change.

The report, entitled '“Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016 — Transforming cities in a changing climate”, provides an overview of the progress whoch has already been achieved in recent years, whilst at the same time looking at it from the perspective of the future challenges posed by climate change.  When the authors have identifed areas where more can be done to encourage more attractive and climate-resilient cities, details are provided on adjustments which could be made.  According to the report, adaptation can follow different approaches:

  • Coping with the consequences of disasters and change;
  • Incrementally improving existing conventional measures such as increasing dykes or sewage capacity;
  • Transforming the way to address climate impacts by finding different solutions.
More information: Report

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