19 April 2016

Incorporating intelligent aspects into the built environment

Incorporating intelligent aspects into the built environment

On 8 February 2016, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report entitled “Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the Circular Economy Potential”.  The aim of this report is to illustrate  opportunities for innovation and creativity across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.  One of the areas analysed is that of how we build and transform our buildings.

Here the report highlights the fact that the incorporation of intelligent assets into the built environment goes beyond improving energy.  By connecting buildings and their components, a wider use of of perfomance contracts and predictive maintenance schemes can be enabled. This in turn dramatically increases the potential for improved asset sharing.  In the authors view, the built environment of the future is likely to be both flexible and modifiable, and will be able to feed into other infrastructure, such as the traffic grid. This will enhance both traffice management and urban planning.

More information: Report

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