16 December 2015

Q4 2015 Concrete Dialogue now available!

Q4 2015 Concrete Dialogue now available!

The latest edition of the Concrete Dialogue is now available! 

This quarterly newsletter by The Concrete Initiative provides highlights on the latest sustainable construction-related news fron accross Europe. This edition includes:

  • Citizens at the Heart of the Sustainably-built Environment 
  • Thematic lunch: Modernising buildings and infrastructure
  • Cement and Concrete Industry: Multiplier Effect on the Economy and their Contribution to a Low Carbon Economy
  • Fact sheet: CO2 and the built environment - The positive role of concrete
  • Fact sheet: Policy do's and don'ts for construction and demolition waste
  • Fact sheet: Thermal mass - The smart approach to energy performance
  • From the blog: The future is bright with concrete roads
and much more!

More information: Concrete Dialogue Q4 2015

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